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… unsere Internetseite wird gerade umgebaut.
Wir sind bald wieder online.

Danke für euer Verständnis.

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Veranstaltungsübersicht 2016:

05.05.2016 10:30Uhr:
VaterTag 2016

PS: Es gibt Bier.

01.04.2016 20:00Uhr: Prinz of Harp on the Hill, Sion says - Irish music meets blues

„live music with Prinz of Harp and Sion Hill“

Sion Hill are a Soul/Pop duo from Ireland. Nathan Johnston and Joey Weidner have been playing music together since the age of 11. They have combined various musical styles to create something both unique, fresh and timeless. Weidner's wonderful blues guitar licks compliment Johnston's soulful raspy voice beautifully, and the competition between them on stage makes their live show a delight to behold.